My research walks the thin line between Visual Effects, Game Design and Computer Science. I am a designer by heart, the screen is my canvas and my brushes are lines of code.


ORCID: 0000-0003-2259-8309

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Editorial Board and Program Committee

2018 Reviewer SIGGRAPH Asia

2018 Committee Member IEEE TALE Conference Australia

2018 Program Committee ConVR Auckland  

2017 Committee Member "Symposium on VR" SIGGRAPH Asia

2017 Committee Member "Emerging Technologies" SIGGRAPH Asia

2016 Editor for International Journal of Creative Computing

2015 Committee Member for PSIVT 2015 Conference 

Postgraduate Supervision

2019 N. Thandu, Master of Creative Technologies, An Exploration of Virtual Reality Technologies for Museums
2019 G. Singh, Master of Design, Expressive, Digital Storytelling - Utilizing Non-anthropomorphic Attributes
2018 A. Rameka, Master of Creative Technologies, Evaluating a single-modality ground-based activity recognition sensor for human inclusion into digital systems
2017 K. Markovic, Master of Design, Digital Surrogate of Large-Scale Heritage Artefacts
2017 J. Iijima, Bachelor of Design (Hons.), Visualizing Voice: Caption design for improved accessibility of tone of voice
2016 O. Efimov, Bachelor of Design (Hons.), Artificial Visual Apparatus
2016 K. Markovic, Bachelor of Design (Hons.), Photo-realistic environments in game engines
2016 P. Cleveland, Master of Creative Technologies, Drama Drones: Integrating drones into film making in New Zealand
2015 TJ Greig, Master of Creative Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Game Dynamics
2015 D. Thomson, Bachelor of Design (Hons.), Visual Effects using Deep Image Compositing
2015 A. Botha, Bachelor of Design (Hons.), 3D Dynamics and Visual Effects
2015 Barbra Ho, Bachelor of Design (Hons.), Analysis of the Long Take using Visual Effects and Cinematography


2016 Vice-Chancellor Doctoral Study Award 2017

2015 Design & Creative Technologies - Dean's List

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